Meet Klooji! The newest game in the yard.

The #1 portable toss game

We’re fixin’ to show you…

Long ago, when man first started to find ways to entertain himself…the Klooji was born….right behind that 2nd mountain on the left…

Don’t know what this button does


This one either


Or this one yet

A Klooji game

Klooji balls to the Left….

Each player gets 4

Store your Klooji balls in a sack. I know, right!?

“If I had a Klooji game maybe I wouldn’t be so grumpy”

-Packi McFarland

This is not anyone that works at Klooji HQ , but looks professional.

That dude needs to get a Klooji….

Anyone know how to design a website?

“If you ain’t playin’ Klooji, you missin’ out”

T. Howell III

“I bought one for my girlfriend”

Holden Caufield

“I can’t stop playing Klooji”

miles standish

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