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We’re fixin’ to show you…

Long ago, when man first started playing with his….balls…the Klooji was born….right behind that 2nd mountain on the left…

Don’t know what this button does


This one either


Or this one yet


Balls to the Left….

balls to the right….

Put your balls in a sac. I know, right!?

“If I had some balls to toss, maybe I wouldn’t be so grumpy”

-Al Bert Einszweidrei

This is not anyone that works at this damn place

That dude needs to toss his balls….

Anyone know how to design a website?

“If you ain’t playin’ Klooji, you a bitch”


“Quit dicking around a play Klooji”


“I once tossed my balls for 3 hours straight”

P. W. Herman

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